Team - Applied Financial Technology
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Rob Smith

Rob is an experienced, versatile, global professional occupying a unique niche in the Financial Technology space. He has a demonstrated track record of creating and managing diverse teams of varying sizes. He is currently the CEO and founder of Applied Financial Technology Ltd. The company, based in London, is a proprietary trading firm, aiming to redefine the concept of risk and risk management in financial markets through the innovative use of technology. Prior to his current role, he led GETCO LLC’s Asia-Pacific business, entering into all major markets in the region. These include Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, India, and Malaysia. He represented the firm to Regulators, Exchanges, Clearing firms, and other stakeholders. He served as Chairman of the Board for GETCO Asia (Singapore), GETCO Hong Kong, and GETCO Australia. Before his time in Singapore, Rob was the CTO for GETCO LLC. There he led the development of a world-class, multi-currency, multi-asset class, globally distributed trading platform. He participated in all day-to-day and strategic management of the company as part of the four person executive committee. Rob holds a Master of Science in Finance from Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Karl Foster
Clearing Systems Developer

KD is currently in charge of operations at Applied Financial Technology. Prior to this KD was Portfolio Manager of PCYIX, a commodity mutual fund based on the Roger’s International Commodity Index. Before that KD was Vice President of Institutional Managed Futures at E.D. & F. Man, which later became MF Global, where he provided clearing services to commodity funds, evaluated and recommended trading advisors and set up risk management and money management systems for clients. During this time KD also started a CTA called Probability Futures Management, designed and tested trading programs, created money management and risk management systems and did the compliance and marketing. KD earned a B.A. in Economics from Kenyon College in 1987.

Shaun Masterman

Shaun is a technologist and polyglot developer with decades of software development experience across a wide spectrum of industry. He joined Applied Financial Technology in 2015 and is responsible for developing a cloud-based distributed back-testing system, leveraging on-demand resources to run market simulations in parallel, on a large scale. He has also taken the lead in building the back-office trade recording, monitoring and reporting systems. Prior to joining AFT, he spent two years developing market and trading simulations, used in a post graduate setting, to teach elements of trading and risk management in the derivative and bond markets, and four years developing media based financial training services, based in London. For nine years, as the Head of Technology and Marketing for a Silicon Valley based Internet retailer, Shaun focused on delivering hybrid online and direct marketing programs and infrastructure that proved instrumental in cementing the company’s position as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US. Shaun earned a Bachelor of Science with honours in Physics from the University of Southampton, England.

Andrew Kew
Quantitative Developer

Andrew is an experienced software development engineer with over ten years designing and writing server side business applications and trading strategies. He joined Applied Financial Technology at the beginning of 2015 as their first software developer. Currently he is the lead front office software developer where he has built their current trading strategies from the group up. He has built AFT a robust and scalable trading platform, following standard software development practises from the start, to ensure the company is in a good position to quickly implement new trading ideas in the market. Prior to this role he worked on designing and developing middleware ESB API’s and automation systems at BSkyB to encrypt their content for VOD consumption. His introduction into the finance industry was while working as Head of Trading Simulations at Fitch Learning. At Fitch Learning he led a team of developers in building financial trading learning platforms to help educate graduate students. He earned a first class BSc Electrical Engineering (Hons) degree and achieved the Certificate in Quantitative Finance.

Ashley Baxter

Ashley is an experienced trader, with nearly 20 years industry experience. Having previously worked in the middle office and gained a full understanding of the front-to-back process, Ashley began his trading career at Instinet, specializing in pairs trading, and worked closely with software developers to build an automated pairs trading platform. He continued with this and as Director of DMA co-set up a unique desk offering targeting high frequency clients with tailored pricing models. After creating his own trading models, he moved to Liquid Capital to become a founding member of a low latency futures trading team, working closely with technical, quantitative and management, focusing on his trading ideas as well as risk management abilities. Ashley joined Applied Financial Technology in September 2015 and has continued to work closely on trading and strategy. He enjoys furthering his technical and trading knowledge base within AFT.

Selim Aydin
Management Assistant

Selim is assisting the CEO through a variety of tasks. His unusual career path is made of 6 years at Pictet & Cie private bank in Geneva, Switzerland, followed by 3 years of theological studies in Denmark and shy of 7 years working for charities in the UK. He recently took the opportunity to get back into the finance industry and feels privileged to be part of a great team. Selim has been able to use his linguistic and graphic design skills while working at AFT. He studied economics and holds a Commerce degree as well as a Commercial Professional Maturité from Switzerland where he grew up.

José González
Quantitative Trading Researcher

José is currently a Quantitative Trading Researcher at Applied Financial Technology. He focuses on the development of trading algorithms in options and futures markets across different asset classes. He started his career at the Emerging Markets trading desk in Banco Mercantil in Latin America. In 2010 he moved to London and joined the inflation trading team at Scotiabank. More recently he founded and ran Golden Capital, a systematic futures fund. José holds a degree in Economics, an MSc in Finance and an MBA from IE Business School. He is also a CFA charterholder and has completed the CQF Program.

Konstantinos Antoniou
Trade Desk Analyst

Konstantinos is a Trade Desk Analyst at Applied Financial Technology. He currently focuses on the development of the operations platform of the firm and also undertakes ad hoc projects focused on delivering analysis and automation tools to the trading desk. He joined Applied Financial Technology from Winton Capital Management where he worked as a Data Processing Analyst. Before that he interned in the Equity Derivatives Trading desk of Eurobank Equities Inv. Firm S.A. in Greece and also had a spell in the manufacturing and motorsports industries, working both on trackside projects and also on dynamic, CFD and structural simulations for inline and rotary engines. Konstantinos earned a Dipl.-Ing. in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics from the University of Patras (Greece) and an MSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking with Distinction from ICMA Centre – University of Reading.

Richard Bambury

Richard joined the trading team at Applied Financial Technology in 2016, with a focus on the development and implementation of systematic options trading strategies. His background is in trading listed fixed income options, initially training at Mako Global Derivatives as a market maker followed by developing relative value volatility trading strategies across a broad range of markets, subsequently joining Hehmeyer Trading Group as a member of their German government bond options trading desk. He holds a first class MSc in computational finance and BSc in mathematics.

Mohand Talaouit
Quantitative Trading Researcher

Mohand joined Applied Financial Technology in 2017 as a member of the Quantitative Trading Research team.
He is involved in the development and the backtests of automated strategies in options and futures markets.
Mohand started his career in 2013 as a Portfolio Management Analyst in the Volatility and Convertible Bond department at Amundi Asset Management in New York. In 2015, he joined Principle Trading LLP as a Quantitative Analyst in London.
Mohand earned a Master’s Degree in Engineering from ECE Paris Engineering School and a MSc in Finance from Paris Dauphine University.