What We Do - Applied Financial Technology
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Our mission is to create trading systems and strategies which re-define the concept and practice of derivative risk management on a global scale.


At a high level, the strategy is quite simple. We manage contractual obligations through technology and process, instead of through structuring offsetting contractual obligations. Stated simply, entire product sets, across all asset classes in the world of finance consist of contingent obligations – Options. Our primary objective is to replicate the behavior of options through technology at a lower cost than we would be able to using financial products alone. Accomplishing this will fundamentally recast the economics of Risk.

Redefining risk

Conventional Risk revolves around the unmanageable dynamics of a market. Using technology and process to embrace those dynamics as a source of positive returns changes the definition of risk to focus on the effectiveness, efficiency, and robustness of the technology and process employed. Unlike the market, we can have a positive impact on the efficiency, effectiveness, and robustness of our processes.

Reinventing Risk Management

With this new perspective of Risk, the perspective of Risk Management also changes. Risk Management becomes ensuring the effectiveness of technological systems through technology best practice, quality standards, effective testing at all levels, simulation, measurement, calibration, and a healthy dose of intellectual honesty.